The Year of Location Intelligence Is Upon Us

The Year of Location IntelligenceA few short weeks ago Local Search Association revealed their 2018 Predictions for Local & Location-Based Marketing. Each year, the best and the brightest share their insights for the upcoming months. As you can imagine, this year’s predictions meet every expectation.

Industry thought leader Andrew Shotland from Local SEO Guide shared his thoughts: “…As large players consolidate their lock on the bulk of local queries and ad inventory, there will continue to be valuable opportunities for smaller players to focus on massive (and not-so-massive) underserved niches.”

Data providers such as Foursquare’s Steven Rosenblatt said “…Marketers will turn their focus towards data quality and hold their data partners and providers to higher standards and increased transparency to ensure fresh, first-party (opted-in) data that drives meaningful consumer engagement and better business results.”  Visit LinkedIn to access my prediction and [read more].