World, Meet the Google Authority Score

World, Meet the Google Authority Score | Bernadette ColemanI’d like to introduce you to the Google Authority Score. For some of our partners, you may have already spotted this feature within your dashboard. To have this feature available to you, connect our dashboard with the account that manages your clients’ Google My Business (GMB) listings.

Why Should Businesses Care About the Google Authority Score

At Advice Local, we’ve been telling you for years that having a 100% optimized and leveraged Google My Business listing is essential to helping a business appear more often in the local pack and maps. And we’re not the only ones advocating this, just look up Joy Hawkins for starters.

But to know it’s important, you don’t have to look to someone else – simply do a Google search for one of your client’s products and/or services. Who comes up first? Is it your client’s listing that is well-optimized, or is it a competitor’s listing? The result will reveal who is doing a better job at managing their Google My Business listing.

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