Where Local Searches Start: Learning Where to Market Your Small Business

Where Local Searches StartContrary to popular belief, consumers are actually more likely to turn to sources other than general search engines, such as Google, when looking for local businesses. In fact, a recent survey conducted by IDC Research and YP Marketing Solutions revealed that only 36% of queries in search of local businesses started with a general search engine. As such, if your local digital marketing strategy is only, or mostly, focused on local SEO and the likes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you’re probably missing out on some major opportunities.

Where are Consumers Searching Locally?

Although there’s certainly no doubt that local SEO is still important, almost two-thirds of consumers start somewhere other than Google. In order to capitalize on these potential opportunities, you’ll need to make certain that your local business is visible on these other platforms as well. The following websites and platforms have been found to be among the most popular with consumers. Visit Search Engine Journal to [read more].