Websites That Work: The Foundation For A Local SEO Success Story

Website Foundation Local SEOWe all know the Internet is where consumers turn to search for local businesses and services; now it’s even more convenient thanks to the rapid rise of mobile use in recent years. With more than half of the traffic to local business’s websites coming from search engines, establishing and enacting a solid local SEO (search engine optimization) strategy is paramount for success.

While this may seem simple in theory, there are some common considerations, which if overlooked can render local SEO efforts nearly useless. I’ve learned what I share below through years of practical application — meaning I’ve made the mistakes and seen the results not match the effort.

Having worked in digital marketing and SEO since 2001, I have seen and adjusted to the many SEO changes that have come since its start. Every algorithm change brings its own set of challenges and puzzles to be solved. Here are my foundational ideas and share practical tips for achieving local SEO success. Visit Forbes to [read more].