Using a Store Locator to Attract More Near Me Searches

Using a Store Locator to Attract More Near Me SearchesOver the past several months I’ve been taking you on quite the journey into Google My Business and leveraging EAT to help a business appear more often in maps. I even shared a case study on Google My Business and EAT.

Location Pages Are Important

As you may know, location pages can be extremely powerful in helping a business that services multiple geographic areas to place in search results. For brands and franchises, using them can be quite helpful.

As digital marketers, in the past, we would build individual locations pages on a business’ website for each location they have or service. Depending on how many locations (or the service area), it can be quite time-consuming and tedious – and it can be expensive, as a web developer or someone with web development skills is required to create each page.

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