Is There a Two-Headed Monster Taking Over the Web?

Is There a Two-Headed Monster Taking Over the Web?

As I study the hot topics in industry, there seems to be a common theme ­– or, shall I say, common companies – that are filling up the headlines.

Google’s updated guide on featured snippets, the Google Search Console rolled out to everyone, and now Bulletin, currently in beta and only available in limited cities, which is focused around hyperlocal stories.

It seems that Google and Facebook must be reading each other’s minds. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is now dedicated to displaying more local news on their platform.

Are You Seeing the Common Theme Yet?

Are Google and Facebook becoming the Big Two? We have had the Big Three. In 2015, I proposed it was the Big Four. In this article, “Move over Google, Yahoo and Bing: The Big Three Is Now the Big Four,” I explored how Google, Bing, Apple and Facebook were dominating the web. Visit LinkedIn to [read more].