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Will Yahoo’s Partnership With Google Be Their 2nd Coming?

Yahoo Google Search PartnershipThis week Yahoo announced in their Third Quarter 2015 Results Report their new partnership with Google. This partnership allows Yahoo to display Google’s search results and ads in their search engine.

This isn’t the first time Yahoo has formed a relationship with other search engine providers. Back in 2010 Yahoo made a similar deal with Microsoft. At that time, Yahoo stopped using its own internal search technology and relied totally on Microsoft for search engine results and ads. The deal didn’t get the results Yahoo was hoping for and they slid from the number 2 spot in search engines to number 3. Visit Advice Interactive Group to read [More].

Move over Google, Yahoo and Bing: The Big Three Is Now the Big Four

Google, Bing and YahooWhen you hear the “Big Three” do you still automatically think about Google, Yahoo and Bing? Well, the fact is that the “Big Three” is no longer the “Big Three.”

The “Big Four” of the Internet is now Google, Bing, Apple and Facebook. Currently, they are holding strong to their positions of dominance on the World Wide Web; however, other wannabes are still trying to evict them from their positions on the top of the pile. And with new competition making headway daily, will the “Big Four” hold up? Visit Social Media Today to find out and read [More].

Do You Yahoo? You Should.

Do You Yahoo?

We often write about best practices for optimizing your content for Google and last week we wrote about Bing. This week we take a look at Yahoo, the once powerful portal and search service that fell out of favor in recent years, but may now be on the comeback trail.

Let’s Start with a Look at These Yahoo Stats.

As of April 15 of this year, Yahoo had 10.1% of search market share. While this is a distant third to first-ranking Google (which had a 67.5% market share), it’s important to note that despite its low market share, Yahoo’s absolute numbers were up (source).

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