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The Power of Yelp’s Questions & Answers Feature for Businesses

Yelp Questions and Answers FeatureHave you checked out Yelp’s new Questions & Answers feature yet? This feature enables the Yelp community to ask and answer specific questions about a business. Each question is connected to a specific business and the answers to the questions can come from other consumers or the businesses themselves.

This feature differs from reviews in that consumers are able to get crowdsourced feedback about a specific feature, product, or experience related to the business. For example, users can ask anything from whether a restaurant would be a good choice for a birthday dinner to how long it typically takes to explore a local museum.

Since users can vote for the answers they find most helpful (and downvote the ones that don’t add any value!), the community effectively gets to choose which answers are “right” and, therefore, most visible. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

How to Manage Negative Online Reviews

Managing Negative ReviewsIn this digital age, where everyone lives and communicates online, online reviews can really make or break a business, therefore, managing your reviews must be a priority. Beyond just what the consumer thinks, online reviews are indexed by search engines and positive reviews increase the trust signal for a business.

Today, we are going to talk about negative reviews and how to manage them. To help with that I am going to give you some pointers on how businesses can turn a negative review into a positive result. Visit for [More]