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Is it Time to AMP Up?

As a digital marketer, it’s important to pay attention to what is happening online, whether you implement it or not! That is what most of us did when Google started pushing AMP at the end of 2015.

At Advice Local, we did pay attention and AMP our digital marketing resource website, Rocks Digital. Pages that have AMP in place get a lightning bolt icon next to their content in search results. This tells the searcher that the page will be a streamlined version of the content and will load quickly on their mobile device.

Here’s what this search result looks like:

AMP Search Result

Most didn’t adopt AMP. One reason may be because the pages are not necessarily graphically appealing. Here’s what this one looks like on mobile:

AMP blog post example

As you can see, the site logo, header and navigation menu have been stripped out. There is no way for the searcher to visit another page on the site from this view since they can’t access the navigation.

If you were to look at the AMP version of this article on mobile, you would see the color headlines and other special elements that Rocks Digital includes on their site are removed. This includes the author byline at the bottom of every post. Basically, all the elements outside of the main content area are not present.

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The Rise of Mobile and Wearable Technology: Is 2014 the Year?

The Rise of Mobile and Wearable Technology

If you were to ask me if this is the year of wearable technology, I would have to say yes.

Is 2014 the Year of Mobile and Wearable Technology?

Especially since I just completed my purchase of a pair of Google glasses. Not to mention my husband wears a Samsung Galaxy smart watch and we both have fitbits. As an internet marketer, anyway I can stay connected is a bonus for me.

Now, if you and I were to have a conversation 15 years ago about wearable technology, it would probably involve talking about one of my favorite movies, Robocop…

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