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She Wrote an Article About These SEO Tips and You Won’t Believe What #MattCutts Did Next. Especially After He Saw Tip #5

To Link Bait or Not To Link Bait

Did you click on a link to this article based on the title? Good. My link bait worked.

Isn’t that the point? To get you here. But there are people who are so concerned with SEO that they’d (almost) do anything to drive traffic to their site. And guess what? It works. Every time I see a title that intrigues me I click on it. I fall for it over and over. Sometimes the click is worth it. Sometimes it’s not.

Are Link Bait Titles Really All They Are Cracked Up To Be?

Link baiting seems to be quite a trendy way these days to attract potential viewers. It is essentially generating compelling or useful content that will naturally lure people to a website. It can be fun (I know I laughed after I wrote the title for this piece) and has the ability to attract some very big SEO results. Link baiting is not new. Check out this article on CopyBlogger about the history of link baiting. It is, however, getting better and more engaging.

Now lets be clear about why people use link baiting. The main goal is to increase the number of external links and shares, rather than website visits and sales. The idea is to improve your …

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