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17 Blog Post Ideas for Creating Content that Drives Local Website Traffic

creating contentAre you looking for ways to help local businesses get more traffic to their websites? Are your clients constantly telling you that they need more leads? What about getting placement in the top of Google search results?

With Google tightening up proximity searches in mobile and desktop search results, local businesses need to get more creative in how they drive local traffic to their business’ websites through organic search results.

Beyond having 100% optimized business listings around the web, being active on social media and emailing current customers, local businesses need to do more to rise above the competition.

What I’m referring to is not a paid social media campaign or PPC advertising (even though those are a great idea, too), but something more. It’s not new, it’s not ingenious, but it’s necessary. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

7 Ways to Supercharge Your Local Content Strategy

Local Content StrategyThere’s a reason we talk about content as though it’s royalty. You can have the best products and services, but if you can’t present them, talk about them confidently or tell your target audience how these things help them locally, you’ll find your strategies landing you on page 2 of SERPs.

The current sophistication of search engines means the importance of quality content only continues to increase. Local-focused marketers have to leverage opportunities by creating content of genuine interest and value to target audiences, whether through blogs, video, social media marketing or other methods.

Here are seven strategies to supercharge your local content. Visit Social Media Today to [read more].

Are You Feeding Google the Right Type of Content? Time to E-A-T

Google Content Quality GuidelinesDo you imagine Google’s Search Quality team much like a really cool science lab? A place where one impossibly smart scientist agonizes over the future of search, especially local search, while technicians and assistants go back and forth, monitoring the effect of every tiny change.

You may thinks that’s a bit dramatic; OK it is. But back in November when the search giant gave us a peek behind the super-secret curtain by releasing their Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, it felt a bit like finding the “holy grail” of search. And now, to wrap up the first quarter of the year, they’ve peeled back the curtain again, giving us an update as of March 28. Visit Local Search Forum for [more].

Write Great Controversial Content – to Debate or Not to Debate

Write great controversial contentGetting people to hate your content is just as important as getting people to like it, right?

Write Great Controversial Content

I think so, and I recently learned the value of writing content that caused a debate when I wrote an article titled, “She Wrote an Article About These SEO Tips and You Won’t Believe What Matt Cutts Did Next. Especially After He Saw Tip #5,” and quite a few people were upset, but boy did it get a lot of attention.

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10 Tips for Writing Content That Gets Noticed

Write Content That Gets Noticed

Did you ever slave away writing a great piece of content only to see it sink into the vast, internet sea without a trace?

Write Content That Gets Noticed

Personally I hate when this happens. It makes me feel like I failed my readers. How depressing! Especially when I’ve worked hard on a piece to ensure that all of my content is top quality. Well, while it’s true that putting lipstick on a pig is ineffective, you can dress up good content and take it out on the town. Here are some of my tips for writing content that gets noticed.

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