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Mastering Content Curation: Content Curation Methods

Mastering Content Curation: Content Curation MethodsWe’ve been on quite the content curation journey! I hope you have been following along. If you are just now joining us, we started with defining what content curation is, why it is important, and moved along through the series into other topics such as understanding what kind of content businesses should curate, how to find content to curate, and content curation platforms. Today we are going to explore how local businesses can share the content they have curated.

As I shared in part one in the series, content curation is one of many content strategies a local business can employ to keep their audience engaged and attract search engines by sharing others’ content. It’s important to disclose here that content curation is just one strategy within a content marketing plan that a local business can leverage. Ideally, the plan would include the business creating their own content along with leveraging content curation.

Content Curation Methods

By this point in the series, you have likely realized the local businesses you represent have been curating content all along, but just didn’t put a name to it. They probably didn’t have it defined as part of their content marketing process and perhaps weren’t super particular about what kind of content they curate. Maybe they have been curating content, but only employing one method versus the many available to them. Let’s get into the content curation methods now. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Mastering Content Curation: Utilizing Content Curation Platforms

Mastering Content Curation: Utilizing Content Curation PlatformsIf you have been following my series on “Mastering Content Curation” then you realize there are many different types of content and ways to find content to share with a business’ target audience.

Today, in the fourth post in the series, we are going to explore content curation platforms and how using these types of sites can help a business find content to share. These platforms can also be used as a tool to deliver the content to a business’ audience.

Content Curation Platforms Save Time

Content curation platforms search the web (or their site in some cases) for appropriate content in response to a keyword query and return results, much like a Google search. Most of these applications have features that allow a user to share curated content with others, either by posting it directly on Facebook, Twitter or another social media account, or by building up a list of followers directly on the curation site. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Mastering Content Curation: How to Find Content to Curate

Mastering Content Curation: How to Find Content to CurateThanks for joining me for the third post in my series on “Mastering Content Curation.” We began with defining what content curation is and how it can help local businesses discover content to publish on their websites and social media channels.

Last time we were here, we discussed how to identify what types of content businesses should curate. Today we are going to explore methods that local businesses and those representing them can use to find content to curate.

As a refresher and for those just joining us, content curation is when someone would read content created and shared on the web by others, and then share it with their online audience via a blog, their social media channels or even in their newsletter. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Mastering Content Curation: What Kind of Content Should Businesses Curate?

Mastering Content Curation: What Kind of Content Should Businesses Curate? Last time I published, it was on the secret sauce of content marketing – content curation. Ideally, all business owners would have the time each day to sit down and write about their products, services and how they’re helping new customers — but it just isn’t possible. Instead, they can leverage content curation to assist in keeping their blog publishing and social media updated.

As mentioned in my earlier post, content curation a type of content marketing where businesses can select, organize and add value to content created by others. In doing this, they are playing a role similar to that of a newspaper editor or museum curator. It’s like plucking gems from the rushing river of content that appears online every day and presenting the best of it as a service to their customers.

There are bonuses for the businesses in content curation, too. First, by monitoring content topics and choosing the best pieces, they automatically keep current with developments and new ideas in their industry. Content curation takes less time than content creation so they have more time to run their business each day. Finally, because they’re up to date with the latest and greatest, everyone’s impressed and their reputation as the go-to pro in the field grows tremendously. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Mastering Content Curation: The Secret Sauce of Content Marketing

Mastering Content Curation: The Secret Sauce of Content MarketingIn my work, I often hear executives say they don’t have time to create content for their business’ websites. They’re already fully occupied with running their businesses and believe, not without cause, that content marketing just takes too much time. That’s one big reason so many hire Advice Local to manage this part of marketing for them.

For some business owners and managers, however, there are good reasons to take the time to work on content marketing themselves. For instance, they want to experiment with it so they can learn more about their customers’ needs and wants. Or, they want to understand more about the content marketing processes so they can make smarter choices about what to outsource and who to hire. Maybe they’re running a startup and just don’t have the budget to outsource content marketing right now. Whatever the reason, content curation is definitely one way to boost marketing efforts. Let’s explore more on that today. Visit Advice Local to [read more].