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The 5 W’s for Great #ContentMarketers

The 5 W's ofGreat Content Marketers

I am relatively new to blogging. I actually wrote my first blog in April of 2013 right here on SEJ, so I am still learning and discovering new ways to make my blogs count.

How to be one of the Great Content Marketers

I try to make them interesting enough and engaging enough to make you want to follow me. I also want to write about what I’ve learned along the way. To help me on my blogging journey, lately I have been reading a bit about journalism. I recently read that traditionally, students are taught to write news stories in a format referred to as the Five Ws. The idea is that a good story should answer five questions; the first word of each begins with a W — Who, What, Where, When, and Why. I think this is a good approach for digital content too, so I began using this format for some writing ideas and I want to present to you the five essential things I believe every great content marketer should incorporate into a blog to make it work.