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Amazon’s St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Cutter Marketing Gimmick? 5 Takeaways for Brands

Amazon Cooke Cutter Marketing GimmickSo I was surfing Facebook just like I do every day and what did I run across? An Amazon social media post advertising a St. Patrick’s Day promotion. Instantly it struck me as odd, so I gave it a closer look.

First, was Amazon really advertising about St. Patrick’s Day in August and second, does that pot o’ gold look like a phallic symbol? Why yes; yes it does!

And I’m not the only one who thought that. At that time about 3,000 others – plus the countless number commenting on others’ comments – agreed with me.

  1. Did Amazon plan this as a way to get a viral buzz going about their brand?
  2. Is this a clever marketing gimmick?
  3. Could this really just be a marketing fail?

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