Expanding The Digital Footprint Of Small Businesses With Mobile And Local

Digital Footprint of Local SMBsDoes anyone else experience a nostalgic feeling when visiting a small local shop? It’s a bit of that American dream-come-true hard work on display, the reward of focused ambition. It’s a connection in and to a community that can get a little lost in our fast, super-connected-yet-distanced society. With the U.S. Small Business Administration reporting that there are 28 million small businesses in the nation, these companies make up the lifeblood of American business.

In times of economic hardship, whether downturn or recession, small businesses have shown an incredible resilience, often coming out of tough times faster than larger counterparts. Perhaps minimal layers of leadership lead to a faster decision-making process. This streamlined approach can also assist small businesses in getting their ideas to market first, which can provide the leverage needed to win. Visit Forbes to [read more].