Getting the Gist of Plus Codes on Google Maps

Getting the Gist of Plus Codes on Google MapsWhat’s a Plus Code? I’m not referring to Google+, which has died on the vine. If you haven’t heard of Plus Codes, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m going to break it down for you today. You’ll learn what a Plus Code is, why it can be important, and how to find a Plus Code.

Plus Codes– a technology silently rolled out earlier this year by Google Maps – is exactly what someone without an address needs to get deliveries, register to vote, and other handy things like access emergency services. “911, what’s your Plus Code?” Think of them as addresses everyone can pronounce and understand anywhere in the world.

What Is a Plus Code?

When you don’t have a street name and number to give out, a Plus Code gives out a short code – made out of 6 or 7 letters and numbers, a town and a city – to map out an exact location, even in places with no roads. Pretty handy, isn’t it? Visit Advice Local to [read more].