Navigating Omni-Channel Marketing for Local Businesses

Thanks to the adoption of mobile and its continuing increase in usage, digital marketing exists in an accelerated state of constant evolution. Every few years a new disruptive technology is launched—a tactic, software, app or piece of hardware. Businesses, especially small local businesses, must be ready to take advantage of these opportunities to succeed amongst fierce competition. Shifting to omni-channel marketing will help accomplish this.

Bernadette Coleman, Queen of Local SEOMarketing is no longer a megaphone or even a microphone; today it’s a conversation. Two-way communication between consumers and brands is now an expectation! More and more brands are moving away from an outbound marketing perspective to a consumer-centric, personalized approach. Omni-channel marketing provides a way to capture the attention of both loyal customers and target consumers. It involves creating a seamless experience for those audiences as they interact with brands, businesses and service providers, in multiple forms, on multiple platforms and devices. Visit Advice Local to [read more].