Bringing Down the Mobile Curtain: Local Presence for Mobile Search

Local Presence for Mobile SearchIn this ever-connected society, all businesses and brands must focus in on a local and mobile-centric approach to marketing. Competition is stiff and making it to the first page of Google, the Snack Pack, and into the hearts and minds of consumers is not an easy feat.

It’s easy to tell a business or brand they need to go mobile and to say that mobile is the new local, but distilling it down into something that can be easily understood and articulated is another story entirely. And that is exactly why I have made this commitment to local and mobile education.

Bring Down the Mobile Curtain with These 4 Essentials

The first step in bringing down the mobile curtain is to really understand the components involved, then to create a plan and take action. Today we are going to explore four of the essentials that are far too often hidden behind the curtain. Visit Advice Local to [read more].