Local Presence Management Before it was Cool and the Birth of the Internet

What is Local Presence ManagementLong before the Internet was a viable entity, before “search” referred to an industry and any of us used Google as a verb, consumers had to find and connect with local businesses in traditional ways. For many, that meant letting their “fingers do the walking” to find a phone number to call to ensure the “ABC Dry Cleaners” on Third was indeed the correct location, that it was open and ready to receive your laundry for that week.

Local presence management for businesses has always been an important factor; consumers can’t interact with you if they can’t find you. But the Internet, and now especially mobile web, has greatly increased the importance of having the correct data, accessible at any time, to your target audiences.

I spend a great deal of time talking about the current state of trends in local presence management (LPM), but today I’m mixing it up by talking about the history of it. Visit Advice Local to [read more].