Taking Control: Local Presence Management for Multi-Location Brands

Local Presence Management for Multi-Location BrandsDid you know that 73% of consumers lose trust in a business if it has inconsistent location data? Bad data is a big issue for businesses of all sizes, and can get even trickier for brands with more than one location.

Even if only some locations are misrepresented online, having outdated, inconsistent citations or inaccurate information on the web can have a significant impact on the brand’s credibility with consumers. Today, I’m going to explore some of the common issues related to multi-location brands and address how brands can take control of their local presence for each location.

The Most Common Citation Problems for Brands with Multiple Locations

Managing local presence can be complicated for one location. When a brand has multiple locations, the difficulty increases by the number of locations they have. One of the major challenges of having more than one location is maintaining citation consistency across all online listings. Visit Advice Local to [read more].