The Five-Step, Quick Start Local Content Marketing Plan

Local Content Marketing PlanTo get local customers, you need a content marketing plan that is local focused. It’s time to review your activities. Assessing whether or not your efforts have delivered the results you expected is a necessary task. Even though many businesses regularly update their Facebook page and Twitter account, most do not know how to measure the return on their content marketing investments. A business must know what a “like” is worth, and how about the value of a “retweet” or a comment on the company blog?

Here’s the plain truth: you can’t make much headway in evaluating content marketing without first having a clear content marketing plan. For some business owners and managers, creating such a plan does seem overwhelming, and it doesn’t help that your email and social accounts bulge with messages promoting this or that blog post, eBook, tip sheet or seminar, each containing different ideas and advice on how to create a plan. This might seem too big to tackle but don’t worry, because there’s a solution …

Five Steps to a Content Marketing Plan

Today I am glad to share my fast and friendly, DIY format plan for a basic content marketing strategy. True, it’s yet another piece of advice, but I promise that this one will make your content marketing focused and rational. This information will prepare you to efficiently separate the useful from the bluster in those emails that arrive each morning – and it won’t take too much time. Visit Advice Local to [read more].