How to Add Markup Voice Assistants Love to a Local Business Website

Advice Technology Has Markup for Voice Assistants Built Right InRecently we have talked quite a bit about voice search and creating conversational voice apps. There is a big reason for this. Voice search isn’t going away and voice assistants are here to stay as well. And getting a local business found by voice assistants is not getting easier.

All Businesses Need a Voice App Solution

Local marketers and brands simply cannot afford to ignore such an important component of search. Using all the important markup languages such as Local Business Schema, FAQ Schema, and Speakable Schema is essential to helping a local business get found in voice search.

Voice Search Usage Will Continue to Increase

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it 1,000 more times if necessary – voice search isn’t going away. By 2023 it’s predicted that there will be over 8 billion voice assistants in use.

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