How Serving the “Me” Generation in Real Time Is a Win for Local Businesses

How Serving the “Me” Generation in Real-Time is a Win for Local BusinessesIt’s no secret that local businesses rely heavily on the online world – or if they don’t already, they should. How else could they capitalize on all the potential customers searching every day for local, nearby places to do everything from eating to shopping to buying goods and services?

Having a great storefront at a busy location or an ad in the local newspaper used to be the best ways to attract the attention of potential customers. However, the world is certainly changing, and the way we advertise for local businesses should change as well.

Small and local business owners who are not yet optimizing or fully leveraging their local presence online are losing out to the competition. So how are you helping them?

Think about it – would you buy shoes from that shady store ’round the corner? It’s a bit dirty – plus it continuously changes its prices, refuses to honor its promotions, and they’re closed when it says they’re open! Hmm, you probably wouldn’t. Precisely the same thing happens with online presence for local businesses. If it’s not pristine, potential customers are going to choose the competition. Visit LSA Insider to [read more].