Using Google My Business Attributes to Create Non-Traditional Verticals

Using Google My Business Attributes to Create Non-Traditional VerticalsThis week we’re focusing on Google’s growing push for verticalization, why you need to pay attention to Google My Business (GMB) attributes – and just what this all means for your clients.

Take Advantage of the Google My Business Verticalization Trend

The increasing number of attributes and the growing verticalization trend are currently being overlooked by most businesses. As Damian points out, “It may never have occurred to many brand marketers, for instance, to promote the availability of recycling kiosks at store locations.”

Google clearly wants to offer a more personalized experience to searchers and updating attributes, whether based on sales conversions or brand identity, is the way to stand out. And the winners in this new trend are the businesses that stand out in search because of these attributes. But consumers win too, as they are consistently demonstrating they want access to this type of specific information that helps them in the decision-making process.

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