What is Google’s Mobile-First Index and How Can a Business Prepare for It?

What is Google's Mobile-First Index and How Can a Business Prepare for It?Site owners checking their web stats can’t have failed to notice the growth in mobile traffic over the last few years. Where mobile once made up a small percentage of visitors, according to data from the market intelligence company SimilarWeb, it now accounts for 56% of all website visits. Most businesses are conscious of the drive toward mobile-friendly sites, with the need to satisfy both Google and their visitors in the quality of their mobile experience.

Recently, though, Google has moved toward a mobile-first indexing policy. Sites that offered a poor mobile experience in the past most likely saw a reduction in overall visitors. Now, however, there are more severe ramifications for anyone ignoring mobile. Sites should be focused on SEO, along with providing an exceptional user experience designed for mobile, with a mobile-first approach. Visit Advice Local to [read more].