Factors That Breed Bad Location Data and What Can Be Done About It

Bad Location DataManaging the local presence of a business all starts with understanding citations and why they are important. Once you understand that, you can move on to bad location data and how to correct it.

There is an endless stream of data available on the internet and while we love data, we cannot trust all of it. Today I’m going to focus in on NAP data (name, address, phone number), and examine how this data causes issues for a business when it becomes corrupt.

Studies have shown 67 percent of consumers lose trust in a brand if they get lost en route to a location due to an incorrect address online, and 73% lose trust in businesses that exhibit inconsistent location details.

If consumers can’t find the business, store or restaurant, how can they spend their money there? Furthermore, when they can’t find the business they move on to the next business that they can find. Plus, now they no longer trust the first business. This should be alarming to businesses and brands. And it’s all created by bad data. Visit Advice Local to [read more].