There’s More to Visibility Than Google – You Need to Prioritize All Local Listings

There’s More to Visibility Than Google – You Need to Prioritize All Local ListingsGoogle just published details on new ways to navigate more sustainably. While it’s not clear yet how local businesses will be impacted by this, Google’s adjusting maps in such a way could mean an even greater focus on delivering “near me” results to searchers.

You Need to Prioritize All Local Business Listings – Here’s Why

This update could mean a few different things to local businesses. Let’s explore those and what you need to know.

1. Make Sure Attributes Are Added on Google My Business Listings

An optimized Google My Business(GMB) listing with all the attributes completed as they become available will be even more important.

With Google placing more attention on verticalization, focusing on attributes could be a good bet for reaching targeted consumers. Some businesses might lose visibility, based on their location, but still reach targeted consumers as vertical opportunities continue to expand.

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Need to Improve a Business’ Appearance in Maps? This Strategy Could Help

Need to Improve a Business’ Appearance in Maps? This Strategy Could Help | Bernadette ColemanFor those of you that follow local search closely, you might have run across this jewel of a study from Joy Hawkins. She did a study comparing Google My Business (GMB) Insights data to Google Search Console data. Joy outlines quite a few discrepancies – and the very specific reasons for it. I recommend you check it out.

Using Google My Business Insights Data to Plan Your Local SEO Strategy

How often do you dig into your clients’ search console data and then shift your local SEO strategy based on the information you uncover? Today we want to challenge you to also look into their GMB Insights data when making these decisions.

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Apple Maps Gets an Upgrade – We Have You Covered

Apple Maps Gets an Upgrade – We Have You CoveredApple Maps is stepping up its game. Those in the digital marketing industry have been speculating about what Apple will be doing next to improve their maps experience. In this community we share a common concern – how is Apple Maps going to impact local businesses?

Here’s What We Know About Apple Maps So Far

  • Businesses on Apple Maps can get reviews.
  • Apple Maps provides turn-by-turn spoken directions whether you are walking, driving, or cycling. They even have integrated features for cyclists that work in conjunction with the Apple Watch.
  • They have updated the navigation interface so that it alerts the user of speed cameras, red-light cameras, and traffic ahead of time. You can see on the map view where these cameras actually are.

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The Importance of UGC Within Google My Business

While you may not have considered it, Google has been shifting Google My Business into a platform that is starting to look more and more like a social network. Damian Rollison on Street Fight has been taking a deep dive into GMB over the last few months and the shifts they have been making.

How Can Businesses Benefit from User-Generated Content?

As Google continues to evolve GMB and the more you incorporate it into the consumer-engagement strategy you use for your local business clients, you may notice a shift change in your customers’ mindset re: this emerging platform.

For example, the Google Questions & Answers feature may foster the first contact between a consumer and the business – and even if that initial encounter is negative, you have an opportunity to respond and possibly resolve the issue.

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World, Meet the Google Authority Score

World, Meet the Google Authority Score | Bernadette ColemanI’d like to introduce you to the Google Authority Score. For some of our partners, you may have already spotted this feature within your dashboard. To have this feature available to you, connect our dashboard with the account that manages your clients’ Google My Business (GMB) listings.

Why Should Businesses Care About the Google Authority Score

At Advice Local, we’ve been telling you for years that having a 100% optimized and leveraged Google My Business listing is essential to helping a business appear more often in the local pack and maps. And we’re not the only ones advocating this, just look up Joy Hawkins for starters.

But to know it’s important, you don’t have to look to someone else – simply do a Google search for one of your client’s products and/or services. Who comes up first? Is it your client’s listing that is well-optimized, or is it a competitor’s listing? The result will reveal who is doing a better job at managing their Google My Business listing.

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