How to Add Markup Voice Assistants Love to a Local Business Website

Advice Technology Has Markup for Voice Assistants Built Right InRecently we have talked quite a bit about voice search and creating conversational voice apps. There is a big reason for this. Voice search isn’t going away and voice assistants are here to stay as well. And getting a local business found by voice assistants is not getting easier.

All Businesses Need a Voice App Solution

Local marketers and brands simply cannot afford to ignore such an important component of search. Using all the important markup languages such as Local Business Schema, FAQ Schema, and Speakable Schema is essential to helping a local business get found in voice search.

Voice Search Usage Will Continue to Increase

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it 1,000 more times if necessary – voice search isn’t going away. By 2023 it’s predicted that there will be over 8 billion voice assistants in use.

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The Perks of a Premium Judy’s Book Listing

Features of Judy’s Book Premium ListingsIt came to my attention a few weeks ago that our partners are not fully aware of an important benefit for the businesses they list in Advice Local’s listing management solution. As you may know, we own Judy’s Book – and this powerful directory helps businesses to get found around the web.

Judy’s Book Is Trusted by Others

Judy’s Book is trusted by many other sources. This means that other directories and data sources depend on the data in Judy’s Book to populate their directories and provide information to their customers, such as reviews. More than 50 other review sites use the Judy’s Book data. When a business is listed on Judy’s Book it will reach customers beyond those who are visiting Judy’s Book directly, as Judy’s Book is a highly trusted resource for other directories and review sites.

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First-Class Conversational Voice App Technology Is Now Available

Cutting-Edge Conversational Voice App Technology Gets Businesses Found by Alexa and Google AssistantCreating a conversational voice app makes it easy to provide the most important information about local businesses on devices supported by Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. That’s right – we’re talking about Google Home and Amazon Echo.

So Why Should All Businesses Have a Voice App?

Because we are all about making things simple and easy – and because consumers want it! Here’s some eye-opening data to back it up.

  • Statista reported in February that 3.25 billion voice assistants are in use today, and by 2023 this number could be 8 billion.
  • A BrightLocal study in 2019 revealed that 75% of smart speaker owners perform searches for local businesses on a weekly basis.
  • Think with Google revealed in 2018 that 52% of people keep their voice-activated speakers in their living rooms, 25% keep them in their bedrooms, while 22% keep them in their kitchens.

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Breakthrough Voice Profile Technology Is Now Available on Judy’s Book

Judy’s Book Voice Profile Technology Helps Businesses Get Found by Voice AssistantsI am excited to share with you that our directory, Judy’s Book, now has integrated voice search capabilities within the business listings on the site. The business listing entity data is available and visible to voice search engines and voice devices. Keep reading to see how it works.

Advice Local’s Presence Engine Applies Voice Profile Technology

 Each business listed in Advice Local’s technology has all of the following applied to their business’ listing on Judy’s Book in real time – and it’s all done automatically.

  • Local Business Schema
  • Review Schema
  • FAQ Schema
  • Speakable Schema

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COVID-19 Actions to Take on Your Client’s Business Listings

Now that most of us have been quarantined in our homes for 6 weeks or more, in Texas the time has come where consumers are going to stretch their legs just a bit again. While these looser restrictions haven’t rolled out across the entire country yet, they will be soon. Hopefully this will bring new and returning business to your customers’ store front and website.

COVID-19 Is on Consumer Minds — Give Them Assurance By Updating These Business Listings

Consumers are still quite hesitant about getting back out to shop and do activities that could be considered non-essential. It’s important for your customers to assure their customers that while the restrictions are loosened, extreme caution is being taken.

Google My Business (GMB), Bing, Yelp and other important listings and sites are making it easy to highlight these precautions within their profiles.

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