COVID-19 Actions to Take on Your Client’s Business Listings

Now that most of us have been quarantined in our homes for 6 weeks or more, in Texas the time has come where consumers are going to stretch their legs just a bit again. While these looser restrictions haven’t rolled out across the entire country yet, they will be soon. Hopefully this will bring new and returning business to your customers’ store front and website.

COVID-19 Is on Consumer Minds — Give Them Assurance By Updating These Business Listings

Consumers are still quite hesitant about getting back out to shop and do activities that could be considered non-essential. It’s important for your customers to assure their customers that while the restrictions are loosened, extreme caution is being taken.

Google My Business (GMB), Bing, Yelp and other important listings and sites are making it easy to highlight these precautions within their profiles.

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