Consumers’ Trust of Business Listings – And How They Are Used

Consumers’ Trust of Business Listings – And How They Are UsedWe’ve talked a lot about Google My Business lately and just last week we tackled Apple Maps, their decision to prioritize the user experience – and how this will impact your local business clients. This week we’re taking a look at business listings, bad data, how it’s created, and why to keep it updated.

How Consumers Use Business Listings

We know that Google expects to see accurate business listings, but have you considered how consumers use business listings? BrightLocal took a deeper look at consumer thoughts on business listings and published their findings in their Business Listings Trust Report 2021.

Business Listings Trust Report Key Findings

  • 94% of consumers have used a business information site to find information about a local business in the last 12 months
  • The most commonly used sources of business information: 1) Google, 2) Facebook, 3) Yelp, 4) Instagram, 5) Siri
  • Finding incorrect information on a business listing would stop 63% of consumers from using that business
  • 85% of consumers found incorrect or incomplete information on a business listing in the last year
  • In the past 12 months, 81% of consumers visited a business that said online it was open, but that was actually closed due to the pandemic

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