Citations Make the World Go ’Round: Getting Found Locally Online

Local Business CitationsImagine a business, any business, that’s out there in the world. This includes the sole proprietor, the small to medium-sized business (SMB), or one of thousands of locations that make up the body of a major brand. In each situation, the most important thing is getting found locally online by consumers that want to buy their products and services. And this is where local citations come into play.

Citations Have a Life of Their Own

As you probably already know, a citation is any mention of a business online that includes the business name. In some cases, it also includes the business address and phone number (known as NAP data).

Businesses have gone from one or two listings in a telephone directory to many citations across the web. And citations can appear online with no input from the business at all. Despite that, businesses may exercise control over many of these citations and in order to successfully get found, they absolutely must do so!

It may help to look at it this way – citations have a life. They are created, they exist, and they can be affected by actions such as adding or updating information. Citations can even be harmed or damaged when bad data is disseminated from a data aggregator or other source. These damaged citations lead to confused and unhappy consumers. Visit LSA Insider to [read more].