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Local Search Made Easy: Enhancing a Business’s Online Presence with Social Media

Three Tips for Social Media SuccessThere is often debate on whether or not social media contributes to search engine ranking and local search efforts. Each time an authoritative source studies it, there seems to be a correlation, although it’s not officially called out by Google or Bing. Whether or not anyone makes a statement, the power of social media cannot be denied. It provides an opportunity to connect with consumers and to hear what they need; ideas for new products and services abound for those willing to listen to the consumer voice.

Facebook’s methods of doing business and the ripple effects they have are felt almost as strongly as changes within Google. According to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report for 2016, ad spend for those two powerhouses account for a 76 percent share of internet advertising. This is continuing to grow. Twitter is still trying to find its way when it comes to advertising but Snapchat is coming into its own. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Periscope to #Save the Day: Local Marketing for Businesses with Live Video

Periscope Live VideoThe loss of Katch created a problem for Periscope and local businesses who chose to use the streaming service as a low-cost video marketing tool. These users would no longer have the easy functionality to keep their videos beyond 24-hours. So, what was Periscope to do? Even with the demise of Meerkat, Periscope isn’t the only big fish in the livestreaming pond.

Facebook didn’t buy Meerkat, as speculated, but instead launched Facebook Live. Initially, only for use by brand and public figure pages, in April it was rolled out to the rest of us. With their familiarity, bigger communities, and saved videos, Facebook Live is a big draw. Periscope needed to save broadcasts beyond 24 hours to remain competitive. Visit Rocks Digital to [read more].

Tweet All About It! How to Promote a Business on Twitter

Twitter for BusinessIt’s pretty easy to promote a business on most social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, but what about on Twitter? Mastering how to a promote business on Twitter, while attracting a local audience can be a bit trickier because of the amount of competition and massive amount of tweets going out each day.

5 Surefire Tips on How to Promote a Business on Twitter

Twitter is unique, so most need a little help understanding how to use it to benefit businesses. If this describes you, then keep reading. If you already know how to use Twitter, keep reading anyway. You might learn something new, or be reminded about something you already knew. Read More→

Unleash The Power Of Social Media Images

Power of Social Media ImagesAs you already know, social media is a powerful tool in the digital marketing industry, but what many people don’t realize is the power of images in social media.

This study shows the importance of utilizing social media images and reports that Twitter posts with images got 150% more re-tweets than those without and Facebook posts with images had a much higher click-through rate (CTR) than posts without. The facts speak for themselves – images in your social media are a must!

As a brand you want to nourish your social media accounts on a daily basis, so continue reading to take your social media images from boring to adoring! Visit for [More].

Why Optimizing for Facebook Search is Now Even More Important

facebook searchThe always evolving world of both search and social media has a new development. Facebook has improved the way we can search on their site. So, what does this change mean to you and your business? Let’s take a look and find out.

According to a blog post on Facebook’s newsroom page, search will become much easier and more useful to users looking to get the full scoop on a popular topic. These searches will include posts marked public as well as those from your personal friends and followers. Visit Rocks Digital to read [More]