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First-Class Conversational Voice App Technology Is Now Available

Cutting-Edge Conversational Voice App Technology Gets Businesses Found by Alexa and Google AssistantCreating a conversational voice app makes it easy to provide the most important information about local businesses on devices supported by Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. That’s right – we’re talking about Google Home and Amazon Echo.

So Why Should All Businesses Have a Voice App?

Because we are all about making things simple and easy – and because consumers want it! Here’s some eye-opening data to back it up.

  • Statista reported in February that 3.25 billion voice assistants are in use today, and by 2023 this number could be 8 billion.
  • A BrightLocal study in 2019 revealed that 75% of smart speaker owners perform searches for local businesses on a weekly basis.
  • Think with Google revealed in 2018 that 52% of people keep their voice-activated speakers in their living rooms, 25% keep them in their bedrooms, while 22% keep them in their kitchens.

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Using Mobile and Online Coupons to Attract Local Customers

Using Mobile and Online Coupons to Attract Local CustomersWe can all remember the days when we cut coupons before going to the grocery store or other retailers. That time seems so long ago now that we have a mobile “wallet” and smartphones with easy access to digital coupons and offers. Today’s conveniences are appealing because not only do they allow us to leave the house with less, but they also allow us to shop online and compare offers easily.

There is a new type of consumer – the super-empowered consumer, as coined by Google. This consumer is one who lives in a digital, hands-free world. They love conveniences like digital coupons. Capitalizing on these realities makes for an easy win.

Why Local Marketers Need to Consider Online Coupons

Online couponing is on the rise, and is quickly becoming customers’ preferred way to score the best deals at their favorite stores. CodeBroker’s 2018 Mobile Coupon Consumer Research Report stated that 47% of the 1,204 people surveyed prefer using mobile coupons when they shop as opposed to paper. This isn’t surprising.

With directories, review sites and even Google My Business adding ways to include online coupons, it’s a no-brainer to integrate them as part of a business’ local marketing strategy. Today, we’ll talk about this and a bit more. Visit LSA Insider to [read more].

Is Mobile SEO a Real Thing?

Is Mobile SEO a Real Thing?As you know, I have written countless articles on SEO, local SEO, design, content and even mobile optimization. The thought that comes to mind for many not in this industry when they hear about mobile SEO is: “Mobile SEO really isn’t any different than the other types of SEO.”

SEO (search engine optimization) is the optimization of pages and posts to place higher in a general search. Local SEO is a deeper dive into optimization, but for a specific geographic area. Mobile SEO is taking it even further by optimizing for a general search, a local search and for the user searching on mobile specifically. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Mobile-Friendly or Mobile-First? It’s App vs. Website – Explore What’s Best for a Business

Mobile-Friendly or Mobile-First? It’s App vs. Website – Explore What’s Best for a BusinessThe simple fact is brands and business are already aware of the important role mobile plays in local business marketing, but are they really taking action? As I shared in my earlier article on the mobile-first index, according to data from the market intelligence company SimilarWeb, mobile now accounts for 56% of all website visits.

Mobile-Friendly or Mobile-First? You Decide

Having a mobile-friendly website is the very minimum that a business needs – and that’s all businesses. The widespread rollout of the mobile-first index is already happening. And in my opinion, mobile-first is about much more than just a responsive website.

Businesses must also consider very specific factors and optimize for mobile SEO. My article, The 411 on How to SEO a Local Business Website for the Mobile-First Index, discusses this in-depth. You’ll definitely want to read both of these if you are not familiar with Google’s mobile-first initiatives, and how to succeed with these changes. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

The 411 on How to SEO a Local Business Website for the Mobile-First Index

The 411 on How to SEO a Local Business Website for the Mobile-First IndexMobile optimization is serious business. In the past, it was all about having a website that performed well on desktop and placed high in SERPs. In 2015, this started shifting so digital marketers and webmasters needed to focus on desktop for search placement and user experience on both desktop and mobile.

The primary index Google used to determine the placement of a website in the past was based on the desktop version of a website.

Google’s Mobile-First Index is Here to Stay (For Now at Least)

Google is shifting its primary index website by website so the mobile version of a website is the determining factor for the placement in SERPs in both desktop and mobile search. Since they are going website by website, not all websites are shifted to this index yet. As Google determines a website is ready, they are notifying webmasters via Google Search Console. Visit Advice Local to [read more].