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Voice Search is the New Norm?! There’s No Time for Skepticism.

Voice Search Is the New Norm?! There’s No Time for SkepticismHow many of you have heard countless radio, television and print advertisements for voice search-enabled devices this holiday season? I have, and it’s not at all surprising – really!

The age of voice is here. It’s risen to meet the demands of the Super-Empowered Consumer, and as a result, it will turn half of the population into one. Seriously, that’s the prediction after the 2018 Christmas season: 48 percent of people will have a smart speaker, according to Adobe Analytics.

With that much power at consumers’ fingertips – or vocal cords, rather – who knows if they’ll ever go back to a typed search again. If you’re like many people, that’s probably too unbelievable to grasp. But allow me to illuminate you on why voice search is becoming the new norm. Visit BIA Advisory Services to [read more].

Using the Big Three: Owned, Earned and Paid Media for Local Business Marketing

Using the Big Three: Owned, Earned and Paid Media for Local Business MarketingWhen it comes to local marketing endeavors of any kind, a brand or business must have a comprehensive strategy that incorporates owned, earned and paid media. Together, these work to create an enviable, successful campaign that will catch the eye of a business or brand’s customers.

Defining Owned, Earned and Paid Media

Before we dive in-depth into what each type of media is, how they differ, and how they can benefit businesses and brands, let’s begin with a few quick definitions:

  • Owned Media– Any mentions of the business by the business, e.g. their website, marketing collateral, print and web content.
  • Earned Media– Mentions of the business or brand, either online or in print, by a third party, e.g. an article in a magazine, a quote on another business’ website, etc.
  • Paid Media– Advertising to promote the business, online or in print with the goal to generate sales and increase brand awareness, e.g. Google Adwords, paid ad placement on a media website or in print.

At Advice Local, we utilize earned, owned and paid media (also referred to as POEM) on the regular, so we know their value. So, we’re here to provide a refresher course on how to best implement these strategies if they have fallen by the wayside in a digital marketing plan. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Getting A Local Business Ready For Voice Search

Getting A Local Business Ready For Voice SearchIt’s a new year, and just like at the beginning of every new year, marketers and business owners alike are searching high and low for all of the latest digital trends to leverage. While there have certainly been some fascinating predictions about what the future holds, there is one common theme being discussed on all sides: voice search. It’s made an impact since its earliest beginnings and has only continued to rise as the years have gone on. Voice search seems to be everywhere you look today, and for good reason.

Voice search is powered by search engines and directories in a similar way as typed searches. One of the key differentiators is that for a business’s website, listing or information to surface in a voice search query, the business’s website content, listings and reviews have to be stellar. Much the same as how trust impacts placement in a desktop or mobile search, the items mentioned above impact voice search query results.

The Rise Of Voice Search

By 2020, only one year from now, ComScore predicts that 50% of all online searches will be conducted via voice search technology. Why is that? Well, the answer is an obvious and relatable one: convenience. Visit Forbes to [read more].

The Rise of the Super-Empowered Consumer – The “Near Me” Generation is Taking Over

How Serving the “Me” Generation in Real-Time is a Win for Local BusinessesWith the launching of the first iPhone over 10 years ago, life as we knew it changed dramatically. Ever since that impactful moment, smartphones have only been getting smarter, and users – well, they have only been getting more savvy.

In 2018, we now have the fastest devices that can perform the most tasks ever, and users that are switching the way they socialize, the way they research, and the way they buy… all from the comfort of their own device. After all, they spend approximately 6 hours per day on their devices, according to the 2018 Internet Trends Report. Thanks to mobile, as you’ve observed in your own life, consumers are now more empowered than ever before.

The Super-Empowered Consumer Has High Expectations

Consumers are curious, demanding and impatient. This consumer wants answers to their queries, and they want them right now. When you buy something, you want to make sure it’s the right thing, and that it’s up to your standards. Today’s super-empowered consumer spends approximately 13 days doing research and reading reviews before buying a single item. Visit BIA Advisory Services to [read more].

What Happens When Online Impacts Life Offline: The Big Takeaways From the 2018 Internet Trends Report

What Happens When Online Impacts Life Offline: The Big Takeaways From the 2018 Internet Trends ReportIt’s that time of year again! The Advice Local Team and the #QueenofLocalSEO have reviewed the 2018 Internet Trends Report to find the most impressive and significant highlights. And, today, we’re bringing you the 2018 Internet Trends Report Infographic. (Definitely snag it and share with your clients and friends. We love when you embed and share our infographics.)

But Wait… There’s More

Every year, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins (formerly Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield & Byers aka KPCB) presents The Internet Trends Report. She reveals the vital data she and others have gathered over the past year about consumers, digital marketers, brands, and advertisers.

We take it a step further, because, let’s face it: the nearly 300-page slideshow is a lot to take in. We selected the most important pieces of information, and now I’m sharing them with you, along with an analysis. Visit Advice Local to [read more].