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What Happens When Online Impacts Life Offline: The Big Takeaways From the 2018 Internet Trends Report

What Happens When Online Impacts Life Offline: The Big Takeaways From the 2018 Internet Trends ReportIt’s that time of year again! The Advice Local Team and the #QueenofLocalSEO have reviewed the 2018 Internet Trends Report to find the most impressive and significant highlights. And, today, we’re bringing you the 2018 Internet Trends Report Infographic. (Definitely snag it and share with your clients and friends. We love when you embed and share our infographics.)

But Wait… There’s More

Every year, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins (formerly Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield & Byers aka KPCB) presents The Internet Trends Report. She reveals the vital data she and others have gathered over the past year about consumers, digital marketers, brands, and advertisers.

We take it a step further, because, let’s face it: the nearly 300-page slideshow is a lot to take in. We selected the most important pieces of information, and now I’m sharing them with you, along with an analysis. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Website Mistakes that Are Driving Local Customers Away

Website Mistakes that Are Driving Local Customers AwayGetting prospects to a website is one of the first and most important components of a digital marketing strategy. Keeping visitors on the website and engaged for extended periods is the next fundamental. Visitors who leave quickly will adversely impact the bounce rate, while also proving unlikely to purchase any products.

Local business owners need their websites, pages and posts to look good, but they must be focused on the conversion for sales, email subscriptions, and advertising clicks.

Happy Site Visitors Mean More Traffic and Increased Sales

There’s a number of methods that prove reliable for keeping visitors engaged and clicking through a website. When implemented, the following will lead to significant improvements in engagement on any local business website. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

The Web is Evolving and So are Consumers

The Web is Evolving and So are ConsumersAre you evolving, too? What about the businesses you represent? These are two simple questions that mean the difference between a business placing on the first page of search results and the fourth.

Each week, I share insights into what’s happening with Google, content, trends and tons of impressive stats. But the reality is that you can read and read all you want, but doing is what gets results.

5 Actions That Can Make a Difference

This week, I want to encourage you to take some action. You don’t have to do it all at once, but you need to do something. Visit LinkedIn to [read more].

The DIY SEO Audit: Next Steps for Beating Out the Local Competition Online

The DIY SEO Audit: Next Steps for Beating Out the Local Competition Online I’ve enjoyed working through this DIY Audit series with you, but like all good things, it has to come to an end. We started this journey by defining what’s involved in an SEO audit. As a reminder, that’s technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and today’s topic, which focuses on research and analysis. Today, I’m covering a very important topic and the last post in this series. Ready?

How to Help Businesses Reach and Keep the Top Spot in Local Search

Competition for local businesses is stiff. Every day is a new day when it comes to local search placement. For a business to win the customer, they have to know their customer AND know their competition.

After completing the audit and implementing/correcting everything that was uncovered, you may find competitors are still holding the top search positions. Is there another hidden problem for the business? Maybe, but not necessarily. Most competitors are just as committed to a thorough SEO strategy, so they bring their A-game, too.

Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Are You Ready for Voice Search?

Are you tired of hearing about the importance of voice search? I wish I could tell you not to worry, that yours and all your clients’ websites are good to go, but I can’t.

In fact, a year ago or so, comScore predicted that 50% of all search queries will be voice search in 2020. Last year, KPCB’s 2017 Internet Trends Report revealed that 20% of searches on mobile were via voice, and 70% of those were in natural language.

Voice Search Stats 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing in popularity, but it’s not just impacting algorithms (think RankBrain) or simple things such as a chatbots. Every day, households are purchasing the Amazon Echo, Google Home or similar devices. Visit LinkedIn to [read more].