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The Importance of Establishing Local Brand Authenticity and How To Do It

With fake news and spammers infiltrating so much of the internet, people value authenticity more than ever, especially when it comes to their local businesses. People are more likely to visit a store or website that they trust, which means businesses need to prioritize authenticity as a local brand.

Through smart marketing techniques and SEO, businesses can build that trust with local consumers. Here are the four main tips to keep in mind when crafting a brand’s standards. Visit Local Media to [read more].

Amazon’s St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Cutter Marketing Gimmick? 5 Takeaways for Brands

Amazon Cooke Cutter Marketing GimmickSo I was surfing Facebook just like I do every day and what did I run across? An Amazon social media post advertising a St. Patrick’s Day promotion. Instantly it struck me as odd, so I gave it a closer look.

First, was Amazon really advertising about St. Patrick’s Day in August and second, does that pot o’ gold look like a phallic symbol? Why yes; yes it does!

And I’m not the only one who thought that. At that time about 3,000 others – plus the countless number commenting on others’ comments – agreed with me.

  1. Did Amazon plan this as a way to get a viral buzz going about their brand?
  2. Is this a clever marketing gimmick?
  3. Could this really just be a marketing fail?

Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Essential Steps for Business Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation ManagementOnline reputation management is an important aspect to your business, especially in the era we live in now where everyone can track and screen shot anything they see online. It’s very easy to make a simple mistake that could ruin your business online reputation. One or two bad reviews to the Better Business Bureau and unfortunately you can kiss your reputation goodbye. Follow me through this guide and learn how to clean up your business reputation online. Read More→

Show Me Your Face: What Google’s Author Rank Means For Internet Marketers

Google's Author Rank

If you follow my blogs you know I am a big advocate of Google’s Authorship and Google Publisher Markups. One of the other most important aspects of running an online business is establishing your own brand.

What Google’s Author Rank Means For Internet Marketers

A brand can be personal or impersonal, but you need one either way. For marketers who don’t mind being the center of attention, a personal brand can work very well and Google Authorship and it’s Author Rank algorithm is introducing some changes that will make building a personal brand much easier — and more important than ever to embrace!

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