A Host of Benefits from Hosting Guest Bloggers on Your Local Business Website

Bernadette Coleman, Queen of Local SEOI know, you get it already, I’m all about local search, good data and driving foot traffic to your physical business location and online traffic to your website. In that spirit, there’s an important strategy I want to discuss that will help drive that traffic, and that’s to have a blog on your site. I know many of you already do, but it’s an important element because websites that have blogs on them have something most business sites don’t – an engaged audience.

Obviously you and your communications team will decide on the best content marketing strategy and provide the majority of the content, but there is a way to breathe new life into your posts and bring a fresh viewpoint, and that it to invite guest bloggers to participate. There are many advantages to having this as an option on your website; here are a few ways you can start reaping those benefits today. Visit Advice Local to [read more].