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The Only Constant Is Change – These Digital Changes Will Impact Enterprise Brands & SMBs Alike

The Only Constant Is Change – These Digital Changes Will Impact Enterprise Brands & SMBs AlikeToday I want to focus on how changes made by Google, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many others are impacting brands and local businesses both online and offline.

Let’s Start with Google

Awhile back I asked if there’s a two-headed monster taking over the web. Yes, in reference to Google and Facebook. These behemoths continually change things up, both claiming it’s for the good of the consumer or user. But is that really the case?

While Google is certainly adding some new features to their products, making it easier for local businesses to get more visibility in search, they’re also making it harder for smaller businesses that are not as tech-savvy. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Website Mistakes that Are Driving Local Customers Away

Website Mistakes that Are Driving Local Customers AwayGetting prospects to a website is one of the first and most important components of a digital marketing strategy. Keeping visitors on the website and engaged for extended periods is the next fundamental. Visitors who leave quickly will adversely impact the bounce rate, while also proving unlikely to purchase any products.

Local business owners need their websites, pages and posts to look good, but they must be focused on the conversion for sales, email subscriptions, and advertising clicks.

Happy Site Visitors Mean More Traffic and Increased Sales

There’s a number of methods that prove reliable for keeping visitors engaged and clicking through a website. When implemented, the following will lead to significant improvements in engagement on any local business website. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Is Mobile SEO a Real Thing?

Is Mobile SEO a Real Thing?As you know, I have written countless articles on SEO, local SEO, design, content and even mobile optimization. The thought that comes to mind for many not in this industry when they hear about mobile SEO is: “Mobile SEO really isn’t any different than the other types of SEO.”

SEO (search engine optimization) is the optimization of pages and posts to place higher in a general search. Local SEO is a deeper dive into optimization, but for a specific geographic area. Mobile SEO is taking it even further by optimizing for a general search, a local search and for the user searching on mobile specifically. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Mobile-Friendly or Mobile-First? It’s App vs. Website – Explore What’s Best for a Business

Mobile-Friendly or Mobile-First? It’s App vs. Website – Explore What’s Best for a BusinessThe simple fact is brands and business are already aware of the important role mobile plays in local business marketing, but are they really taking action? As I shared in my earlier article on the mobile-first index, according to data from the market intelligence company SimilarWeb, mobile now accounts for 56% of all website visits.

Mobile-Friendly or Mobile-First? You Decide

Having a mobile-friendly website is the very minimum that a business needs – and that’s all businesses. The widespread rollout of the mobile-first index is already happening. And in my opinion, mobile-first is about much more than just a responsive website.

Businesses must also consider very specific factors and optimize for mobile SEO. My article, The 411 on How to SEO a Local Business Website for the Mobile-First Index, discusses this in-depth. You’ll definitely want to read both of these if you are not familiar with Google’s mobile-first initiatives, and how to succeed with these changes. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

The Omni-Channel Experience is All About the Data

Optimized Business ListingsCan you believe some businesses (and some brands) are still operating like they are in the dark ages? Some local, small businesses still believe a website is a waste of their time; that blogging is for the birds, and social mediawhat’s that?! Perhaps you think I am kidding, but I’m not.

Most brands are up-to-date on basics like having a website and social media channels, and they’re doing some blogging. A big issue for brands is that their teams are operating in silos. This could be because the brand is so big that they and their team members are around the world – regardless, it’s a big problem. Consumers want and expect an experience that is seamless. These silos can cause the experience to be fractured.

In reviewing Fortune 500 brands, you’ll find that most are active and present almost everywhere in this micro-moments world we all live in.

Consumers Connect Omni-channel – Do You?

There are more ways than ever for consumers to connect – smartphones, social media platforms, search engines, review websites, email, apps – and let’s not forget physical locations! Unfortunately, the omni-channel cross-platform experience has big gaps. Let’s look at how to resolve a few of these today. Visit Search Engine People to [read more].