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Authoritativeness & Its Importance to a Google My Business Listing

Authoritativeness & Its Importance to a Google My Business ListingLast time we talked about E-A-T, but more specifically about expertise, which is represented by the “E” in E-A-T. Today we are going to explore authoritativeness, so let’s start by defining it.

What Is Authoritativeness?

Authoritativeness is defined as: The quality of possessing authority. The quality of trustworthiness and reliability.

When Google added E-A-T to their Search Quality Rater Guidelines, they didn’t give local marketers a definition – it was more like a guideline and examples. You can go to page 19 of those guidelines to read about E-A-T. (BTW… on October 12 they just updated them again.)

As we explored earlier, you can’t have real, substantial authoritativeness without expertise. It’s proven – we know you can’t build trustworthiness without showing your expertise.

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Building Trustworthiness in an Online World

Building Trustworthiness in an Online WorldIf you have been following our journey over the last few weeks, I’ve been talking quite a bit about Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). Here I share how businesses can build their expertise online and in this follow-up article I share the authoritativeness and its importance to a Google My Business listing.

Trustworthiness and Its Place in Google’s Ecosystem

The definition is quite simple. Trustworthiness is defined as: The ability to be relied on as honest or truthful.

Demonstrating trustworthiness online to consumers who haven’t bought products and/or services from a business before is more of a challenge. Especially with it being so easy for literally anyone to give a business a positive or negative review with a few clicks.

While Google and many other online review sites such as Yelp try to make sure the reviews are real, relevant, plus provide valuable insights into the business, it’s not easy to accomplish. It’s left up to the business to prove their trustworthiness.

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Why Is Listing Management Important for Businesses?

Why Is Listing Management Important for Businesses?We previously discussed Google pursuing verticalization through a growing list of Google My Business (GMB) attributes. Now, we’re going to look into just why listing management is so important for businesses.

Why Does Listing Management Matter for Businesses?

As you know, business listing management is a key focus of what we do at Advice Local. We help agencies like yours ensure your business clients have an accurate name, address and phone number (NAP) listings syndicated across a host of directories. And beyond NAP data, a listing will include categories, products, services, images, payment methods, attributes, and more.

Syndicating this business information across directories, mapping apps, reviews sites, voice assistants, and more – while also ensuring data is accurate, up-to-date, and not conflicting – relies on automation. Businesses that leave their listings to chance? They will inevitably encounter errors, duplication… and bad data that Google really does not like.

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Our Google My Business Tool Lets You Add Questions & Answers

Our Google My Business Tool Lets You Add Questions & AnswersManaging a Google My Business (GMB) listing is no joke. It takes effort, a plan, and when possible, a tool. This is exactly why we added a GMB tool to our product suite.

Add Google My Business Questions & Answers With Our GMB Tool

I’m so excited to share this with you – a new feature was added to our Enhanced GMB Tool. Through our tool, you can now add Questions & Answers to your clients’ Google My Business listings. You can also answer questions posted by the public – score!

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Adding Google My Business Attributes to Small Business Listings

How to Add Google My Business Attributes to Small Business ListingsAn optimized Google My Business listing on Google is essential, and we all know it. It’s important that every element within a Google My Business (GMB) listing is complete. If you haven’t personally optimized a GMB listing for a local business, you definitely need to learn how.

Understanding Google My Business Attributes

Instead of focusing on the entire GMB listing, I’m going to focus on attributes specifically. In the past, there weren’t that many attributes to add on a business’ listing, but now there are quite a few available! The availability of these attributes will also change based on the category the listing falls within.

Why Use Google My Business Attributes

Attributes help Google to understand more about the business – this ultimately helps it to appear more often in the local map pack. Attributes also help the consumer to visually see information about the business easily.

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