The Mobile Guide: 18 Stellar Tips to Take Local and Mobile by Storm

The Mobile Guide by Bernadette ColemanThe mobile phone has grown from a rarity to an indispensable component of daily living. A person who has misplaced their mobile phone will likely feel off-track, greatly inconvenienced, and worry about the security of personal info. A significant number of people report feeling anxiety when they don’t have access to their phone, and some state frankly that they feel naked without their phone or mobile device. They most likely have nomophobia. Do you? Take the quiz and find out.

OK, while I try and get that image out of my head, I can report that other people describe the mobile phone as fulfilling the role of an assistant or a butler. And how about the mobile phone’s role in your life? Going by the statistics, you are more than likely to describe it as very important. You’re accustomed to using the device to get what you want and need on the go. These are micro-moments. (Not familiar with micro-moments? Here’s a research paper for you.)

Mobile devices are everywhere and mobile search is part of being always on. Are you always on? Serving your customers or your clients’ customers in their moment of need? Visit Advice Local to [read more].

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