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Making the Most of Each Moment

Each Moment MattersLocal businesses are continuously struggling to rank higher with search engines! The Local Pack still eludes them, and let’s not even mention what their websites look like on mobile. Even with search engines giving preference to HTTPS, businesses are not entirely onboard with it.

Search engines are not going to make it easier for businesses to place in the top spots! Their priority, beyond displaying ads for paying businesses, is meeting consumers’ needs.

In 2016, I started talking with you about meeting this consumer need b winning micro-moments. As defined by Google:

Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device—increasingly a smartphone—to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped.

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What is Local Presence Management?

What is Local Presence Management?Local Presence Management is defined as geo-targeted digital presence management that enhances a brand on the whole by optimizing all their locations’ information in their respective local markets.

What is Local Presence Management?

Local presence management solutions manage the digital fingerprint unique to each business location, improving local search ranking and giving the target audience the correct information to interact with the brand.

This also includes monitoring a business’ name, address and phone number (NAP) and business hours in various places online such as directory listings, data aggregators, online review sites and map listings.

Local visibility, search placement and reputation (reviews) are a few of the factors that determine traffic; this is especially true for multi-location, brick-and-mortar businesses.

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The Year of Location Intelligence Is Upon Us

The Year of Location IntelligenceA few short weeks ago Local Search Association revealed their 2018 Predictions for Local & Location-Based Marketing. Each year, the best and the brightest share their insights for the upcoming months. As you can imagine, this year’s predictions meet every expectation.

Industry thought leader Andrew Shotland from Local SEO Guide shared his thoughts: “…As large players consolidate their lock on the bulk of local queries and ad inventory, there will continue to be valuable opportunities for smaller players to focus on massive (and not-so-massive) underserved niches.”

Data providers such as Foursquare’s Steven Rosenblatt said “…Marketers will turn their focus towards data quality and hold their data partners and providers to higher standards and increased transparency to ensure fresh, first-party (opted-in) data that drives meaningful consumer engagement and better business results.”  Visit LinkedIn to access my prediction and [read more].

The Secret Benefits to Complete Business Listings are Not So Secret After All

The Secret Benefits to Complete Business Listings are Not So Secret After AllBeyond business listings containing a consistent NAP (name, address, phone number), complete business listings must contain many other important pieces of information such as business category, business description, website link, products, services, images, and more. Not all business listings will allow for this information, but the most important component is that they are completed fully.

I regularly tell my team at Advice Local to make sure they do everything they can to help our partners and clients verify, complete and optimize their Google My Business, Bing and Yelp listings. Just adding a business name, address and phone number is not enough.

Instead of sharing how to optimize a listing in today’s rant — I mean article — I will try and convince you with little known facts (secrets) why complete verified business listings are so important. Visit Rocks Digital to [read more].

Is that Website Helping or Hurting? Four Website Issues Impacting Local SEO

Website Local SEO IssuesAre you trying to place higher in local search results, but noticing that something is holding back success? First, rest assured in knowing you are not the only one having these same struggles. Today, I’m going to cover four common but crucial website issues that are putting a screeching halt on local SEO success for many local businesses!

But First… Some Background

Local Search Association’s Local Media Tracking Study, released in March 2017, reported that 87% of consumers surveyed turn to a search engine first when looking for a product or service. So, do you agree that the majority of consumers start with a search engine when looking for products and services on the internet? I’ll just assume you said yes and move on.

The best way to get these consumers through the doors of a brick-and-mortar business is by capturing their attention online first. Optimizing for the local search ecosystem is an important component to achieve this, but there is more to it than that. This is where the local business website can help or hurt the business in meeting this goal.

Crucial Website Issues that Will Impact Local SEO Success

No local business can afford to have anything damaging their online reputation. It’s simple! Or, is it? Keep reading to found out if any of these local SEO mistakes are plaguing your website or those of your clients. Visit Advice Local to [read more].