Increase the Visibility of Multi-Location Businesses in Search

Multi-Location Businesses VisibilityLocal presence management is critical to ensuring multi-location businesses are visible when shoppers turn to Google and other search engines to discover nearby products or locations. Unfortunately, inaccurate location data can spread and corrupt a brand’s online presence in more ways than you can count. And when it comes to local visibility and data issues, businesses with more than one location are also susceptible to a slew of additional challenges.

Knowing These Facts, What is a Multi-Location Business to Do?

First on the list, take action to ensure a brand’s local presence isn’t being damaged by bad data. Common sources of bad data include inconsistent NAP (name, address, and phone number), duplicate and incomplete business listings – and let’s not forget those inconsistent listings caused by simply doing business: name changes, mergers, acquisitions, store closures and so on. Visit Advice Local to [read more].