8 Local Presence Management Strategies to Attract More Nearby Customers

Local Presence StrategiesWhen shoppers search for nearby stores on-the-go, they count on Google to return the most relevant, accessible, and trustworthy results possible. Appearing in the local pack is marketing gold for local businesses that want to increase foot traffic – but scoring a spot in the top three search results doesn’t happen by accident.

Today I want to discuss local presence management strategies for helping businesses connect with more local shoppers online. Local marketers can apply these tactics to help clients improve online visibility, increase local search ranking, and make it easier for anyone to quickly find the closest store location. Visit LSA Insider to [read more].

The Five-Step, Quick Start Local Content Marketing Plan: Attracting the Right Target Audience

Content Marketing Target AudienceI’m on a journey to share about creating local-focused content that educates, attracts and converts. In the first installment, “The Five-Step, Quick Start Local Content Marketing Plan,” I provided an overview of the process for creating a content marketing plan. The second post covered establishing content marketing goals.

This post dives deep into Steps 2 and 3 of the five-step plan – Target Audience and Channel. Let’s explore the right audience to give you the action you want, and where this conversion will take place. If you misidentify your core audience, then even the highest quality content will not be effective – because it won’t be seen by the right people. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

The Five-Step, Quick Start Local Content Marketing Plan: Establishing Content Marketing Goals

Local Content Marketing GoalsIn the post, The Five-Step, Quick Start Local Content Marketing Plan, I described the five steps involved in creating a basic local content marketing plan. While it’s a great basic local content marketing plan to get you started, you really need to dive deeper into each step. I’ll be taking you on the deeper journey starting today.

Diving Deep: Creating Action-Focused Goals

Let’s go in-depth on the first step: The Goal – Identify the Action You Seek. While this step is obviously about goal setting, let’s instead focus on the action that you want to take place. It’s too easy to define goals in a vague way that is often not measurable. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

The Five-Step, Quick Start Local Content Marketing Plan

Local Content Marketing PlanTo get local customers, you need a content marketing plan that is local focused. It’s time to review your activities. Assessing whether or not your efforts have delivered the results you expected is a necessary task. Even though many businesses regularly update their Facebook page and Twitter account, most do not know how to measure the return on their content marketing investments. A business must know what a “like” is worth, and how about the value of a “retweet” or a comment on the company blog?

Here’s the plain truth: you can’t make much headway in evaluating content marketing without first having a clear content marketing plan. For some business owners and managers, creating such a plan does seem overwhelming, and it doesn’t help that your email and social accounts bulge with messages promoting this or that blog post, eBook, tip sheet or seminar, each containing different ideas and advice on how to create a plan. This might seem too big to tackle but don’t worry, because there’s a solution …

Five Steps to a Content Marketing Plan

Today I am glad to share my fast and friendly, DIY format plan for a basic content marketing strategy. True, it’s yet another piece of advice, but I promise that this one will make your content marketing focused and rational. This information will prepare you to efficiently separate the useful from the bluster in those emails that arrive each morning – and it won’t take too much time. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Increase the Visibility of Multi-Location Businesses in Search

Multi-Location Businesses VisibilityLocal presence management is critical to ensuring multi-location businesses are visible when shoppers turn to Google and other search engines to discover nearby products or locations. Unfortunately, inaccurate location data can spread and corrupt a brand’s online presence in more ways than you can count. And when it comes to local visibility and data issues, businesses with more than one location are also susceptible to a slew of additional challenges.

Knowing These Facts, What is a Multi-Location Business to Do?

First on the list, take action to ensure a brand’s local presence isn’t being damaged by bad data. Common sources of bad data include inconsistent NAP (name, address, and phone number), duplicate and incomplete business listings – and let’s not forget those inconsistent listings caused by simply doing business: name changes, mergers, acquisitions, store closures and so on. Visit Advice Local to [read more].