What is Local Presence Management?

What is Local Presence Management?Local Presence Management is defined as geo-targeted digital presence management that enhances a brand on the whole by optimizing all their locations’ information in their respective local markets.

What is Local Presence Management?

Local presence management solutions manage the digital fingerprint unique to each business location, improving local search ranking and giving the target audience the correct information to interact with the brand.

This also includes monitoring a business’ name, address and phone number (NAP) and business hours in various places online such as directory listings, data aggregators, online review sites and map listings.

Local visibility, search placement and reputation (reviews) are a few of the factors that determine traffic; this is especially true for multi-location, brick-and-mortar businesses.

To fully understand the capabilities of local presence management, you must examine all its components. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

The Behemoths of the Web are Spicing Things Up

The Behemoths of the Web are Spicing Things UpWow! We’re into the second month of the year and the behemoths that dominate the internet are already going strong. They’re making changes to their algorithms and tool sets, and keeping businesses like us on our toes.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

As reported toward the end of last year, Google was making some significant algorithm adjustments and continuing to claim it was nothing beyond what they normally do. They’re still playing with those algorithms and will most likely keep it up for some time to come. Rolling back some of the updates has helped businesses, while others have impacted placement in SERPs significantly.

On the plus side, Google has moved the Google Search Console Update out of beta and are rolling out a change that will allow webmasters to see 16 months of website data through their tool. Pretty soon, we’ll all be able to have this important feature that will better allow us to see progress on the websites we administer. Visit LinkedIn to [read more].

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Mastering Content Curation: Content Curation Methods

Mastering Content Curation: Content Curation MethodsWe’ve been on quite the content curation journey! I hope you have been following along. If you are just now joining us, we started with defining what content curation is, why it is important, and moved along through the series into other topics such as understanding what kind of content businesses should curate, how to find content to curate, and content curation platforms. Today we are going to explore how local businesses can share the content they have curated.

As I shared in part one in the series, content curation is one of many content strategies a local business can employ to keep their audience engaged and attract search engines by sharing others’ content. It’s important to disclose here that content curation is just one strategy within a content marketing plan that a local business can leverage. Ideally, the plan would include the business creating their own content along with leveraging content curation.

Content Curation Methods

By this point in the series, you have likely realized the local businesses you represent have been curating content all along, but just didn’t put a name to it. They probably didn’t have it defined as part of their content marketing process and perhaps weren’t super particular about what kind of content they curate. Maybe they have been curating content, but only employing one method versus the many available to them. Let’s get into the content curation methods now. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

The Year of Location Intelligence Is Upon Us

The Year of Location IntelligenceA few short weeks ago Local Search Association revealed their 2018 Predictions for Local & Location-Based Marketing. Each year, the best and the brightest share their insights for the upcoming months. As you can imagine, this year’s predictions meet every expectation.

Industry thought leader Andrew Shotland from Local SEO Guide shared his thoughts: “…As large players consolidate their lock on the bulk of local queries and ad inventory, there will continue to be valuable opportunities for smaller players to focus on massive (and not-so-massive) underserved niches.”

Data providers such as Foursquare’s Steven Rosenblatt said “…Marketers will turn their focus towards data quality and hold their data partners and providers to higher standards and increased transparency to ensure fresh, first-party (opted-in) data that drives meaningful consumer engagement and better business results.”  Visit LinkedIn to access my prediction and [read more].

Google’s Got the Goods – Points to Ponder Moving into 2018

Google’s Got the Goods – Points to Ponder Moving into 2018The struggle for local businesses to place in the top spots in local search results is not getting easier, but instead more difficult for most businesses. There are many different reasons for this.

A few include:

  1. Google is constantly adjusting their algorithms and expectations.
  2. Local businesses are getting smarter about optimizing for search.
  3. Gaming local search results is still rampant and new black hat SEO strategies are being developed daily.

Helping local businesses attract people to their brick-and-mortar locations and websites to convert more prospects into customers is what we do best at Advice Local. We do this in several ways. One of these is producing guides, resources, blogs and infographics to provide necessary education to local business owners and those that offer digital marketing services to local businesses. Visit Advice Local to [read more].