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Organic Traffic Methods to Create Authority, Attract Local Consumers and Generate New Business

Organic Traffic Methods for Local BusinessesAre you looking for new ways to drive traffic to the local businesses you represent? No matter whether you are an agency, digital marketer, or business owner, the simple fact is you always need to be bringing new business into the business.

In a previous article I spoke about unique traffic tactics to expand the digital footprint of a local business. Today I’d like to continue on this journey and explore additional methods to generate site traffic, and convert site visitors into customers.

While paying for traffic through PPC and Facebook ads is a quick way to generate leads and make sales, there is nothing as powerful as creating an organic traffic source that continues to pay off – while you don’t pay anything.

But is that realistic? Most certainly! So let’s examine how to do that right now. Visit Advice Local to [read more],

10 Backlink Building Techniques to Add to Your Arsenal Today

Backlink Building StrategiesI’m sure you have read many blogs about why you should practice link building for SEO purposes, and some about why you shouldn’t. The simple fact is that building links, having a backlink strategy, etc. is just smart – and necessary.

This doesn’t mean you go out and spam people to get links, or that you want a link from just any website. Links matter, but the right links matter more! The wrong link can definitely impact you negatively. (These are links Google frowns upon and that usually come from a spammy website.) In Google Search Console you can identify who is linking to the website, and to which page. You will definitely want to do everything you can to remove spammy links. You might even need to disavow a few backlinks. If you are not familiar with which links are good or bad, and which ones to disavow, definitely consult an expert.

Backlink Building Strategies that Work

Today I want to talk with you about 10 backlink techniques you may want to consider adding to your arsenal. Some you probably know and do, and a few you might not have considered – at least not recently! Visit Rocks Digital to [read more].

Putting Multi-Location Businesses on the Map: The Guide Everyone Needs Today

Store Locator Guide by Advice LocalMulti-location brands and businesses have their share of challenges that come with managing the online presence of multiple locations, from rogue social media accounts to duplicate listings, listings with incorrect NAP data (name, address, phone number), and the occasional location that decides to do their own thing without corporate or franchise approval.

At Advice Local, we make things easy for our partners to understand and implement, to better serve their customers. Download our guide, “Putting Multi-Location Businesses on the Map: A Guide to Store Locators and Location Landing Pages,” and let’s get started!

It’s All About the Data – Accurate Location Data

When consumers search for a product, service or brand, the reasons behind it span everything from “fun stuff” and life’s usual tasks to even an emergency. There’s always a component of need in any consumer search – and that’s where search and the ability to find what they’re looking for impacts brands. This holds especially true when looking for the closest location, hours of operation, a phone number or directions. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Why Multi-Location Brands and Businesses Need a Store Locator and Location Landing Pages on Their Website

Multi-Location Brands Store LocatorNear me, Nearby, Closest…these words are becoming increasingly common across the billions of queries on Google every month. Thanks to mobile phones and iPads, we can quickly and easily find things around us when we want or need them. Google searches for “locations near me” are growing rapidly, and so are consumer expectations. The fact is we want instant gratification, even when we are searching. Whether you’re a global brand or a local business, you must deliver on search requests in the moments that matter.

However, when using these types of keywords consumers are still being directed to locations that do not exist! Perhaps the business has moved, or their listing just plain has the wrong data. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Factors That Breed Bad Location Data and What Can Be Done About It

Bad Location DataManaging the local presence of a business all starts with understanding citations and why they are important. Once you understand that, you can move on to bad location data and how to correct it.

There is an endless stream of data available on the internet and while we love data, we cannot trust all of it. Today I’m going to focus in on NAP data (name, address, phone number), and examine how this data causes issues for a business when it becomes corrupt.

Studies have shown 67 percent of consumers lose trust in a brand if they get lost en route to a location due to an incorrect address online, and 73% lose trust in businesses that exhibit inconsistent location details.

If consumers can’t find the business, store or restaurant, how can they spend their money there? Furthermore, when they can’t find the business they move on to the next business that they can find. Plus, now they no longer trust the first business. This should be alarming to businesses and brands. And it’s all created by bad data. Visit Advice Local to [read more].