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4 Website Marketing Strategies to Get More Customer Reviews

Website Review StrategiesIn a world where consumers can find information about pretty much any business, product, and service online, it’s not easy for a local business to capture the spotlight for long. Building a collection of positive customer reviews is one of the best and easiest ways to gain visibility online and convert consumers into customers.

Reviews Are the Best Way to Establish Trust

Why is this? Because reviews build credibility and demonstrate value to search engines as well as potential customers. Bright Local revealed in an earlier study that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. This holds especially true for today’s largest generation of consumers, the mobile-focused millennials.

Unhappy customers are definitely willing to hit the street spreading the word about how a business messed up. For businesses looking to get more love from customers, the hard part is encouraging happy customers to take the time to write reviews. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

The Power of Yelp’s Questions & Answers Feature for Businesses

Yelp Questions and Answers FeatureHave you checked out Yelp’s new Questions & Answers feature yet? This feature enables the Yelp community to ask and answer specific questions about a business. Each question is connected to a specific business and the answers to the questions can come from other consumers or the businesses themselves.

This feature differs from reviews in that consumers are able to get crowdsourced feedback about a specific feature, product, or experience related to the business. For example, users can ask anything from whether a restaurant would be a good choice for a birthday dinner to how long it typically takes to explore a local museum.

Since users can vote for the answers they find most helpful (and downvote the ones that don’t add any value!), the community effectively gets to choose which answers are “right” and, therefore, most visible. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

Online Marketing Strategies to Help You Get Ahead This Year

Online Marketing StrategiesSuccessful business owners know the only way to stay ahead of the competition is to constantly evaluate, improve, and innovate their online marketing strategies.

Not only does the new year present a fresh opportunity to replace outdated marketing and SEO tactics with a batch of must-do business resolutions, but it’s also the perfect excuse for small businesses to reflect on the past year and adjust their marketing to ensure their hustle continues to pay off.

Keep reading for four online marketing tips to succeed in 2017. Visit Advice Local to [read more].

How Brands can Tap Into the Internet of Things to Maximize Opportunities

Internet of ThingsMost marketers today are aware of the Internet of Things (IoT) and know that it’s important, but many don’t fully understand IoT – how it works, its impact on consumers, and how its influence has changed over time – nor how it continues to change on an almost daily basis.

Businesses struggling with the nitty-gritty of the Internet of Things, shrugging their shoulders and pushing it farther down their marketing to-do lists, should consider the following advice. Visit Social Media Today to [read more].

Start Creating Short ’n Sweet Blog Posts Right Now!

Creating Short Blog PostsYou’ve heard of TMI? Well, we want to give readers JEI – Just Enough Information – when creating a blog post. Using a pithy style lets you be there for them with helpful content and ensures you don’t overload them with just plain Too Much Info.

Based on the above, you can imagine how important it is that your blog posts are not too meandering. Instead, they should be short, sweet and to the point, conveying valuable information as succinctly as possible.

However, you still want your blog posts to be effective, to say something about your brand and to provide useful information. How do you do that in just a few words, though? Visit Rocks Digital to [read more].